Storage Tips & Sizing Chart

Storage Tips & Sizing Chart

Deciding what size of storage unit to rent for your belongings can be a daunting task to take on. Whether you’re storing family heirlooms, furniture during a move, or simply need extra storage space for items that you no longer have room for, finding the right size of storage unit is crucial. At Safeguard Mini Storage, we’re proud to help our customers figure out what size unit they need with our quick and easy guide on storage tips and our sizing chart!

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Storage Tips

If you need extra storage space, a self-storage facility like Safeguard Mini Storage can provide a convenient and secure solution! Here are some storage tips to help you make the most of your self-storage experience:

  • Assess Your Needs: Consider the items you'll be storing and their sizes, as well as any special requirements such as climate control or accessibility.

  • Use Vertical Space: When packing your unit, make use of vertical space by stacking boxes and furniture. This will help maximize the space and allow for better organization.

  • Protect Your Belongings: Protect your belongings by using sturdy boxes and packing materials.

  • Label and Inventory: Label all boxes and create an inventory list to save you time and hassle when searching for specific items in the future.

  • Use Uniform Box Sizes: When possible, use uniform box sizes for easier stacking and to make the most of the available space.

  • Utilize Furniture Space: Make use of empty spaces in furniture by storing smaller items inside.

  • Leave Walking Space: When packing your unit, be sure to leave some walking space for easy access to your items.

  • Don't Overfill Boxes: While it may be tempting to fit as many items as possible into a box, overfilling can lead to the box breaking or items being damaged.

Sizing Chart

Now that you have some storage tips in mind, it's time to determine the right unit size for your needs. Here's a breakdown of common unit sizes and what they can typically hold:

M49183 - Find The Right Sized Unit - Infographic.jpg

More Helpful Hints for Trouble-Free Storage

You should not set items that can absorb moisture directly on a concrete floor. Items such as paper boxes, books or clothing could retain moisture produced by condensation. A wood pallet or plastic sheet underneath will help keep them dry.

Your items collect dust over time. You may want to wrap them in plastic or cloth to prevent against dust or water damage. Garbage bags work well and are inexpensive.

When packing your warehouse, put items which you may need on a regular basis near the front. You may also want to leave a path through the storage unit to have access to items in the rear without climbing. Leave air space around the unit's perimeter for ventilation.

Wedge appliance doors open to prevent mildew. They are good places to pack bedding, towels, and clothing. Be sure to clean your stove before storing it.

Pack books flat in smaller cartons.

Store mirrors, windows, and screens on edge, not flat.

Plates and glasses should be wrapped individually.

Wipe the surface of tools and other metal items with an oily rag to slow down rusting. Spray oil will also work.

Protect furniture and mattresses with plastic covers. Place a wood pallet, cardboard mat, or plastic sheet on the floor underneath and stand sofas and mattresses on end.

No flammable liquids or fuels please.

We try to maintain as much security as possible but break-ins can still occur. We recommend using a lock that cannot be cut with bolt cutters. Put items which are wanted targets by burglars such as TV's, stereos, tool boxes, etc. in the back of your unit in unmarked boxes so that they are out of sight. Always check your lock before leaving to make sure it is properly locked. We recommend you do not give out your key or unit number. Insurance is an option for valuables.

Please do not bring any food in the unit. This may cause an unwanted ant and roach problem in your unit.

When moving into your unit, please notify the manager if unit is not clean. We expect it to be clean when you move out. Please do not leave anv trash in your unit or on the grounds when working or moving out of your unit.

Check on your unit periodically. We are unable to get into your unit. This may prevent any extended damage

If you have any problems please feel free to contact the on site manager.

Finding the Right Space is Easy with Safeguard Mini Storage

By following these storage tips and choosing the right-sized unit for your storing needs, you can ensure a smooth and efficient self-storage experience with Safeguard Mini Storage in the Corpus Christi area! Happy storing!

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